As part of our commitment to quality and service, we’ve teamed with Best Loans to assist you with finance for your home. Best Loans are a West Australian company specialising in construction loans. You can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands.

Making Finance Easy

Best Loans make the finance process simple for you. They’ll assist by finding a lender and loan that suits you, helping with any grants or rebates that apply, submitting your loan application and taking care of the paperwork.

Smooth Process

Our close partnership means a smoother and hassle-free process for you. They are there to answer all your questions and liaise with your chosen lender and settlement agent.

Giving You Support

The specialist mortgage brokers at Best Loans can assist with finance, whether this is your first, second or even fifth home. They speak to over 20 lenders, including the big 4 banks, and they compare hundreds of loans to find the best fit for you. They’ll even look at your existing loans to ensure they are still working for you. Best Loans aim to be your finance partner for life, and are determined to provide you with an amazing experience.

Home Loan Options

There are hundreds of different lenders and home loans available in the market today. Qualifying for a loan isn’t just about how much you can afford, it is also determined by how much you have in savings, how much you’ll need to borrow, the value of your land and new home, your current loans and so much more! Which is why the specialists at Best Loans are here to guide you through the process.

In an ideal situation a lender would like for you to have a 20% deposit. Saving for your home deposit may be difficult, especially if you’re paying rent at the same time. Fortunately, there are options to help you into your home sooner.

Other Home Loan Options

Keystart is a government funded lender that aims to help low-to-middle income earners into their own home. Keystart only require a 2% deposit (plus any applicable fees). This can come from any acceptable source, including the First Home Owner’s Grant if you’re eligible.

Another great feature of a Keystart loan is that they don’t charge Lender’s Mortgage Insurance – this is usually charged when you don’t have a 20% deposit and can be tens of thousands of dollars! And to top it off, whilst your house is being built you only need to pay $50 per week for your loan repayments which really makes a difference!

Speak to a Best Loans specialist today, to see if a Keystart loan is an option for you.

Family Guaranteed loans are offered by many lenders and assist by reducing the amount of savings you need. Put simply, it involves a family member allowing you to use their property as additional security for your home loan.

Speak to a Best Loans specialist today, to see if a Family Guaranteed loan is an option for you.

The First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) is a government incentive to help people into their first home. In WA the grant is currently $10K. First Home owners may also be eligible for reduced government stamp duty costs or exempt from paying stamp duty on the land valued $300K or less.

Your Best Loans specialist can take care of your FHOG application (if applicable). Find out if you’re eligible today.

Knowing lender policies and procedures is what your Best Loans specialist is here to assist with. Even if you’re not quite ready yet, they’ll help you to get there. This may be through setting up a savings plan, consolidating some of your current debts or looking at establishing a budget for you. They’ll also stay in contact with your Shelford First Sales Consultant, so that when you’re ready to go, we are too!

Construction loans differ from when you buy an established home, the difference is that there are 2 things needing to be paid for – the land and then the construction of your new home.

Your loan itself can either be done in 2 parts – first to pay for the land, then a second application to fund the construction – or in a single application which covers both from the outset.

During construction, Shelford First isn’t paid for the whole house in one go, it is paid at various stages of completion. They will give you ‘progress claims’ at different stages of your home’s completion which are then submitted to your lender for them to pay from your available loan funds.

In this way, your loan balance isn’t at its maximum from day one but rather increases in stages according to the progress of your home being built. Your repayments during construction are generally ‘interest only’ as well, meaning that you are paying the interest charges only on the drawn balance of your loan – particularly helpful if you’re paying rent at the same time! Once your house is finished and the bank pays the final progress claim, your loan will normally revert to a ‘principal and interest’ loan, but at that stage you will be moving into your new home and not having to pay rent too!

Speak to a Best Loans specialist to answer all of your home loan questions!

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